Group Training Classes

Classes start on November 7, 2019



Pawsative Puppy     6:30pm – 7:30pm

In this class your puppy will get to socialize with other puppies and people as well as learn all the basic commands of sit, stay, down and come. Students will be provided with tips and tricks to be successful in all things puppy such as potty training, bite inhibition, and chewing.




Impulse Control Basics    7:45pm – 8:45 pm

Does your dog go crazy when it’s time for a walk, eat anything in sight, and chase anything that moves? This is the class for you! In this class, dogs will learn patience is the best game to play. Calming techniques, control around food, and how to address over arousal will be the main focus of this class but individual concerns can be address time permitting.


Classes are 4 weeks long, cost $130.00, and are taught out of Ruff Spot Dog Daycare & Spa in Sherwood Park.

To register for a class call 780-464-7833 (RUFF)


Please Note: A dog that displays excessive barking, lunging, or aggressive behaviours will be excused from class and a private training session will be recommended.


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